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The TITAN Series

We Now Offer Custom Engraving on Our Dice Boxes

Choose your interior and logo placement.

Two TITAN interior options
Our TITAN dice box comes with two interior options.

TITAN Dice Vault

The TITAN Dice Vault is a portable carrying case created to hold your most precious tabletop accessories. Now with two interior options, you are sure to find the one that is the right fit for you. The original TITAN interior (TITAN 1.5) has fourteen hexagonal compartments designed specifically for dice, the dedicated miniature compartment ensures that your hero will arrive safely and ready for battle, an additional compartment that can fit pens or pencils, tokens, or even an additional set of dice, and now includes a slot for your phone. All of our dice boxes include custom foam inserts to that offer protection in each compartment, and the rare earth magnetic closures ensure that your vault will stay secure through any encounter. The TITAN Vault is designed to nest perfectly inside The TITAN Tray, providing a compact way to get all of your essentials to the table!

TITAN Dice Tray

The TITAN Tray is a portable rolling tray designed to keep your dice on the table where they belong. That’s right, no more stray dice ending up under that pesky piece of furniture, allowing for seamless rolls and less distractions from the action. Crafted with flawless finger joint construction, the TITAN Tray is built to withstand any rolls you can throw at it for years to come. Padded with premium top grain leather, this tray will be the most luxurious rolling space at your table. We even have top quality vegan leather options available, meaning your rolls can have the place of honor they deserve, no matter your lifestyle. Designed to pair with the rest of the TITAN series, The TITAN Dice Vault  nests perfectly within The TITAN Tray, providing a compact way to get all of your essentials to the table!

Our Tray Construction
Why do we use finger joints over miter joints?

Beautiful finger joint construction

When we were designing our TITAN trays, the quality of the craftsmanship was our highest priority. Our mission was to create heirloom quality products, so every single detail needed to be perfect. It is because of this that we decided to use finger joints for our trays, rather than the more common miter joint. In fine woodworking, finger joints are considered to be premium quality joinery, which is exactly what we wanted for our trays. Our master craftsman was trained by his father, who began to learn his craft in a time before power tools were widely available, and this nod to old school woodworking was the perfect way for Rob to honor his roots. Although there is quite a bit more labor involved, we felt it was worth it to help our trays stand apart and withstand the test of time.

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