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Dice, mini and pencil not included.



  • The TITAN Vault is a solid wood carrying case created to hold your most precious tabletop accessories. Now designed with two interior options. The first is our original interior with a new added slot for your phone, fourteen hexagonal dice compartments, one large hexagonal HEX compartment for your mini, and an extra slot for any extra gear you may have. The second interior option allows you room for more dice and accessories and also includes a slot for your phone. The mini compartment can also hold our new dice jail (the dice jail does not fit in the original interior). Included in all of our dice boxes are custom foam inserts and screwed in rare earth magnetic closures will keep your box safe and secure, ensuring that your items make it to the table safely and in style. The TITAN Vault is designed to nest perfectly inside The TITAN Tray, providing a compact way to get all of your essentials to the table!

  • Approx. Weight      21 oz

    Approx. Dimensions       8 3/4 x 5 x 1 3/4 in

    Maple: A peaceful wood used for purity and healing. Seeks a strong, devoted companion who cares for others. Excellent for cleansing spells. Maple reveals the options - even those that are hidden in plain sight - which lay  before you.  It enables you to make sound choices rather than rely on blind luck.

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